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Tim Flickinger & Justin Williams

208A S. Spring St.

Wakarusa, IN 46573

(574) 862-4378

Home of Flick's Acres Dairy Goats

2008 Indiana State Fair 1st Place Dairy Herd

Tippy Toes, Moon At Night, Julyee, Tickle My Toes

Dear Sable Enthusiast,

    Thank you for your interest in our herd of Sable Saanens.  We work hard to maintain a herd that we are proud of on a personal level and a herd that strives to represent the breed well. We are proud to announce that we have the 2002, 2004 and 2005 AGS National Champion Senior Sable does residing here at Flick’s Acres as well as the 2008 ISBA National Sable Specialty Show winner.

    Flick’s Acres is located 20 miles southeast of South Bend, IN. We maintain a herd of about 30 head of dairy goats, containing mostly Sables but we also raise LaManchas & Saanens. Besides dairy goats we also raise a select group of Pygoras under the “Rainbow Exotics” herdname.

    We work closely with our dealer and nutrionists at Umbarger & Sons Show feeds.  The herd is fed a 16% dairy ration.  Kids are fed a 16% ration with coccidia treatment.  Along with proper show feed management the herd is on a routine deworming program with Bo-Se as needed. Even though preventative measures are taken we DO NOT GUARANTEE any animal to be CAE free as we do not pastuerize our milk. We will feed Colostrx(artificial colostrum) in place of colostrum if buyer desires. We feel however, as a show herd, no breeder has the right to guarantee free CAE status to a buyer of a kid.  Our herd has no visble signs nor do we keep animals with visible signs of CAE. 

    So we encourage if more info is desired on any of our does to contact us (email is usually the easiest)

    We hope that you will find Flick’s Acres as a resource for your next Sable, Saanen or Lamancha!

                                                                                           Tim & Justin

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