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What are Sables?

Just what is a Sable goat?

Sables are Saanens that are not white. They come in many colors and combinations and have been a part of the Saanen heritage for as long as there have been Saanens. The first Sables in the US arrived on the same ship with the first Saanens and have been here ever since. They are the result of the pairing of two recessive genes, one from the sire and one from the dam. If an animal has only one of these genes, the animal is white, but if the animal has two, one from each parent, then a colored coat is the result. Since the colored genetics were brought in with the original Saanen imports, this will continue to happen as long as people are breeding Saanens.


For More information on Sables please visit:

International Sable Breeders Association


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