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Tim Flickinger & Justin Williams

208A S. Spring St.

Wakarusa, IN 46573

(574) 862-4378

Herd Book

Senior Does (Sable or Saanen)

Flick’s Acres EFSN Jujett

MarlleAcres SN Sheela

 CH Flick’s Acres LCA Jobek

 CH Flick’s Acres NAP Julyee

CH Lake Country Moon At Night

Flick’s Acres Tickle My Toes

SGCH C-Creek CPTT Tippy Toes 4*M

CH Flick’s Acres FAJ Nolita

Tradewinds Legacy’s Silhouette

Flick’s Acres FAJ No Spiders

Flick’s Acres Kokonut Kream

Flick’s Acres BH Non-Sense

Junior Does (Sable or Saanen)

Flick’s Acres Krem Del La Krem








Bucks (Sable or Saanen)

York’s MF Skywalker Sultan

Flick’s Acres JN Janik

Briarwinds KVTS Hadley




Lamanchas (Does or Bucks)

Flick’s Acres SS Ty-Chi

Flick’s Acres EX Ty-Nay-Nay

Summer Haven SE Merlot

Mint*Leaf Half-Baked

Summer Haven D Truffle

The Dicke Brothers Justine-K

*B Shammy’s TU Sentinel

Nestor Acres Idol's Fupa!

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