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Tim Flickinger & Justin Williams

208A S. Spring St.

Wakarusa, IN 46573

(574) 862-4378

Sales Page

Reservation/Purchase Agreement

TERMS OF SALE: A $50.00 deposit is required for each kid reserved.  The balance of the kid is due within two weeks upon notification of birth. If the balance is not paid within two weeks, your deposit will be forfeited and kid will be subject to sell. If the desired sex of kid is not born your deposit will be refunded or may be forwarded to next kidding season.  A second choice may be selected also if the first choice kid is not available. We Reserve the right to retain any animal as a herd replacement as we desire.  We gaurantee animals to be of breeding soundness (proof from vet required). We do not guarantee CAE status or show ring performance. Mature animals may also become available as they freshen, if you are interested in mature stock please contact us of your interest. We will notify you as stock becomes available and a deposit is still required for mature stock.


Our 2009 Kidding Schedule will be posted soon.  Check to see what breedings are taking place and who may be available.

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