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Tim Flickinger & Justin Williams

208A S. Spring St.

Wakarusa, IN 46573

(574) 862-4378


We are using different bucks through live service this year, two sables and one saanen.  Sultan the saanen buckling we feel has a good possibility of being a color-carrier. He is bred to many or our young doelings so if you are reserving from a Sultan breeding a second choice may be desired in case of white kids being born.

Our bucks aren’t currently being marketed through a collection service, but semen is available from us here at the farm.

York’s MF Skywalker Sultan



Lake Country Prism Skywalker *B

Lake-Country Sno Prism AI *B

Lake-Country Scepter Sungodess 9*M

Lake Country Liardo Soltice

Lake-Country Caesar Lladro AI *B

Lake-Country Romantic Satiness

Sultan was purchased not only to contribute to Justin's small herd of Saanens but also as a possible asset to the Sable herd. With his outstanding pedigree we thought he would be a great linebreeding prospect if he was to throw color. Sultan will be bred to the majority of Armor daughters this season.

Briarwind KVTS Hadley

American Sable


Hadarah dam to Hadley

*B Kapra Vista Taesar Sinjin

+*B Kapra Vista Marquis Taesar AI

Kapra Vista Prior Sovia 13*M

Briarwind Z. Hadarah

*B Briarwind SSZ Shade’s Zorro

SG Briarwind Perfect Hannah 4*M

Flick’s Acres JN Janik

Purebred * Polled Sable


Dam to Janik

Flick’s Acres CAL Niklas

*B Loughlin’s LB Calvery

CH Flick’s Acres NA Nikole

Flick’s Acres NAP Jules

*B Flick’s Acres LCA Napoleon

Flick’s Acres EFSN Jujett

Reference Sires

Emerald-Forest Sable Neon Semen available at the farm

Lake Country Knight in Armor Semen available at the farm

Tres Amigos Divadend Samson

Flick’s Acres CAL Niklas

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